BTL Dog walk leash

Manufacturer: Leon Engineering
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Product Description

The BTL leash is the only leash that keeps you and your dog safe while riding your mobility scooter or wheelchair. Other leash products run the risk of tipping your chair or having your dog entrapped, tangled or released. The BTL gently trains your dog in just a few strides. The specialized durable design of the Bike Tow Leash allows it to fit dogs 10 to 185 pounds with ease.


Simply attach the clamp to a metal rod or similar bar underneath your seat and you're ready to go!  Now you can take part in daily exercise with your dog. Dog walking really has never been so easy and safe. Having done away with the problems associated with traditional leashes, you'll now be more relaxed and have the ability to go farther using less effort.


The BikeTowLeash actually trains your dog to use the heel position. Imagine, exploring more places; walking trails, camping, parks and the even the store -- with your dog an enthusiastic exercise partner right where he belongs, beside you.


The BTL leash is fully safe offers a gentle guide for dogs of all shapes and sizes, especially for dogs that have a tendency to pull. The BTL design takes into account both the laws of Physics and dog behavior. Simply put, with a regular leash and other products, when the dog pulls sideways, you run the risk of being put off balance or of tipping your wheelchair. With the BTL leash, the dog's ability to pull to the side is reduced and the tipping forces are virtually eliminated.  With weight on your chair, a single finger can keep the chair upright when the dog pulls sideways. Additionally, the BTL, like no other product, automatically communicates direction commands to the dog.



Gently guides and trains dog into "Heel Position"
Automatically Communicates Bike direction changes to the dog
Provides a resilient barrier between dog and bike
Allows dog to assist in propelling the wheelchair as a Paw and Pedal Hybrid
Great affordable recreational fun in a small efficient go anywhere device that fits wheelchairs, scooters and powerchairs
Universal Mounting Clamp
Installation Instructions
2 year guarantee


Products specifications
Attribute name Attribute value
Diameter: 1"

Customer Questions & Answers

Admin Scoot on 7/26/2020 6:43:56 PM
Question :
Can the BTL Dog Walk Leash be maneuvered so when done scootering the Walk Leash would not interfere with doorways, Etc,?
Answer :
It has some flex to it but for the most part it would still stick out a bit.
Admin Scoot on 2/20/2020 9:32:29 AM
Question :
Can a dog pee and poop while connected to this?
Answer :
They should be able to do their business while on the leash, yes.

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