Diestco Unbreakable Fabric Cupholders

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Product Description

The Diestco Unbreakable Fabric Cupholder is comprised of 600 x 300 polyester, which outlasts ordinary plastic cupholders in terms of wear and tear. It will fit drink containers with a circumference anywhere from 1" to a large 32 oz. water bottle. It also has a cable with a lock, ensuring that the drink stays secure and upright.

You can pick from three different models depending on the sort of equipment you have and where you want to place it: Vertical Grip, which will be mounted vertically; Horizontal Grip, which will be mounted horizontally; and Front Horizontal, which will be mounted in the front.


  • Has a cable with a lock
  • Comprised of 600 x 300 polyester
  • Can be used as a bag for storage
  • 300 Yard Reflective Tape
  • Approx. Size: 1" to 4" in circumference

Front-Mounting Horizontal

Extends from the front of the armrest forward. Securely fits to the armrest thanks to the adjustable strap. Please keep in mind that this model may add to the length of your device.

Side-Mounting Horizontal

Can be installed on either side of the armrest and can face inwards or outwards without compromising the armrest's use. Securely fits to the armrest thanks to the adjustable strap. Please keep in mind that this model may add to the width of your device.

Vertical Mounting

This style of cupholder can be securely mounted to any exposed piping or tube on your device thanks to the universal vertical mount. The adjustable strap guarantees that any gadget is securely fastened to your device.

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