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Lift Chair Recliners

Lift chairs are designed to help people stand up from a seated position. With the push of a button, the user can recline or be lifted to a position where they can comfortably stand up. Lift chairs are differentiated by the degree of recline they can reach, their recline mechanism, and position of the footrest. Lift chairs often go by other names such as Lift Recliners and Power Lift Recliners.

Selecting A Lift Chair

Whether you are replacing an existing lift chair or shopping for your first lift chair, Best Price Mobility has the selection and expertise to make sure you get the lift chair that is right for you. We understand the choices available in lift chairs can be overwhelming. By understanding the features and specifications that the different models offer, you can know which lift chair will best meet your needs. If you need help to narrow the results use the equipment finder or filters.

Here is a brief overview of the different types of lift chairs that are available. For recommendations please use our online chat service or call our team on 1-833-866-3434.

Lift Chair Types

There are three different types of lift chairs: two-position, three-position and infinite position.

Two-position lift chairs have a reclining range of 45 degrees. For many, this is a comfortable position for reading and watching TV.

Three-position lift chairs can recline to an almost flat position and can stop at any degree of recline in between. It is possible to nap comfortably in this chair as well as read and watch TV.

Infinite lift chairs (also known as zero-gravity or full recline) can recline into a flat position (where the backrest is parallel to the floor) and everything in between. Some models can lift a person’s feet above his/her head into the Trendelenburg position or lift a person’s feet above their heart into the zero-gravity position.