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Pride Wrangler 4-Wheel PMV

Pride Wrangler 4-Wheel PMV
$6,999.00 $4,999.00

Pride Zero Turn 10 4-Wheel

Pride Zero Turn 10 4-Wheel
$3,699.00 $2,599.00

Drive ZooMe Auto-Flex Folding Travel Scooter

Drive ZooMe Auto-Flex Folding Travel Scooter
$5,729.36 $2,349.00

Drive ZooMe Flex Ultra Compact Folding Travel

Drive ZooMe Flex Ultra Compact Folding Travel 4 Wheel Scooter
$4,273.36 $1,949.00

EW-18 Stand-N-Ride 3-Wheel Scooter

EW-18 Stand-N-Ride 3-Wheel Scooter
$999.00 $799.00

EW-36 Recreational 3-Wheel Scooter

EW-36 Recreational 3-Wheel Scooter

Electric Mobility Scooter, Medical Scooter. Whichever name you use these popular vehicles are the perfect solution for seniors and individuals with limited mobility who need a little assistance getting around. Best Price Mobility offers a great selection of mobility scooters for sale in Orlando, Kissimmee and across North America to meet everyones needs. Scooters include folding scooters, travel mobility scooters, full size scooters and heavy duty scooters. We can help you find the model that is right for you and carry products from top brands such as Pride Mobility, Golden Technologies, and Drive Medical.

Selecting A Mobility Scooter

Whether you are replacing an existing mobility scooter or shopping for your first scooter, Best Price Mobility has the selection and expertise to make sure you get the mobility scooter that is right for you. We understand the choices available in mobility scooters can be overwhelming. By understanding the features and specifications that the different models offer, you can know which mobility scooter will best meet your needs. If you need help to narrow the results use the equipment finder or filters.

Here is a brief overview of the different types of scooters that are available. For recommendations please use our online chat service or call our team on 1-833-866-3434.

Mobility Scooter Types

There are four main types of mobility scooters: travel/portable, three-wheel, four-wheel and heavy duty.

Travel/portable—Travel scooters can fold or be disassembled, usually into three or four parts that will fit into the trunk of a car or as airplane cargo. These scooters tend to be lighter than full-sized three- or four-wheel scooters.

Three-wheel mobility scooters have a tight turning radius, making them easier to use indoors.

4-wheel mobility scooters are more stable and the risk of their tipping is relatively low. They maneuver well over rough terrain and hills.

Heavy duty mobility scooters, are best for those who weigh over 400 pounds. With both 3 and 4-wheeled models to choose from, and with weight capacities up to 500 pounds. HD Scooter models generally feature larger motors, wider bases, and bigger tires. A heavy duty mobility scooter is designed to tackle even the most challenging terrain.