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Best Price Mobility has received hundreds of excellent reviews in our 10+ year history. Hear what our customers have to say below!

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Scooter and Wheelchair Rentals

Excellent service! Not only will I call you next time I need a scooter in Florida, I will recommend this company to everyone I know. Thanks!

Written by: Starla

It was really easy to operate the scooter, and it looked great. The scooter was waiting for me at the hotel like I asked, and it was so easy to return it! I will call you for sure if I need one of these scooters again!

Written by: Oscar

The staff was great, and the product was great. The price and availability were the best part.

Written by: David

Having the scooter provided me the experience of adventure around the parks with comfort and ease. Even with all my medical challenges and disability, I was able to go with my family to everyplace they went!

Written by: J. Obsena

The scooters ran very well, and they were very comfortable. What a lifesaver!

Written by: Sandra

This scooter was a dream come true for my wife who is recovering from leg surgery. We were very pleased with how easy it was to transport and how peppy it was. Thank you!!!

Written by: Larry

We needed two scooters, and they were both in excellent condition! They came to us fully charged, and they held their charge very well. The staff was really friendly and helpful on the phone and when they delivered. We'll call you next time!

Written by: Mike

This is the second time I rented your scooter, and I couldn't be happier with your service and staff!

Written by: S. Mellenger

Everything went very smoothly with the reservation process, delivery, and pickup. I will recommend BP Mobility to all of my friends when they come down to visit.

Written by: Aaron

If you remember the way Disney was back in the '70's, then your business is analogous to that model. The only difference is that you haven't changed. Your service is still of the highest quality! We will be calling you next time!

Written by: Winifred

When I had problems while at Epcot, your staff promptly got me another scooter. Thanks!

Written by: Nancy

I thought I was only able to rent from a company like you if I was staying at one of the Disney resorts, but the woman at guest services at our hotel told us about you! What a lifesaver!!! You delivered quickly, it looked like a brand new scooter, and we never had a single glitch or issue with the whole thing. I only wish I'd known I could call you sooner! I've already made my reservation for our return trip this summer! Thanks again!

Written by: Summer J.

I most definitely enjoyed my freedom and independence. It' s a fantastic feeling to be able to be on your own without having someone hovering over you to have to help you around. I can sightsee, shop, and meet others by myself. The scooters are sleek and quite pretty. I handed your cards out to anyone who inquired about the scooter. Loved the fact that your seats turn independently sideways! Extremely easy to assemble & disassemble, so I carried it everywhere in my car. I love it, Thank You! You made my vacation for Christmas and New Years marvelous. P.S. See you next year!

Written by: Miriam

The service and concern showed to us by the company was fabulous. They couldn't have done anything better. Absolutely fabulous!

Written by: Todd

BP Mobility's services are really a vacation-saver. The service is excellent, and the scooters look better than most of the ones in the parks. Everyone is really nice when you call and when they deliver!

Written by: Angela

Perfect! The scooters were in good shaped, they operated properly, and they were delivered to us fully charged. I needed a scooter at 2 different resorts, and you gave me the assistance to accomplish that without a hassle. Thanks so much!

Written by: Barb