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Walking Aid Rental - Rollator and Walkers

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If you are still mobile, but can’t get around without support, a walking aid rental may be preferable to a wheelchair. With rollators and knee walkers there will be something to suit most needs.

If you need a rollator or walker while vacationing in Orlando, Kissimmee or anywhere in the United States book online or call 1-866-866-3434 to have a rollator or knee walker rental delivered to your destination. We also sell Walking Aids across the United States.

Rollator Rental


Walkers and rollators offer stability for people who can still walk but need a little extra mobility assistance. Walkers have no wheels or two non-swivel front wheels, while rollators have four wheels with swivel front wheels for added maneuverability.

Knee Walker Rental

Knee walkers, also known as knee scooters, are designed as an alternative to crutches for people recovering from foot surgery, breaks, sprains, amputation, foot ulcers, etc. The dual frame is strong and stable, and the leg-pad provides comfort. The knee walker can be steered for increased manoeuvrability, and has effective lever brakes. They are a great temporary mobility solution for people recovering from foot injuries, breaks, and sprains.

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Carry Wagon Rental

Wagons are an excellent way to transport small children or extra items such as souvenirs and bags. The raised lip at the back of the wagon offers extra security for smaller riders.

Only available for Events and Conventions.

Child-Stroller Rental

Strollers are perfect for transporting your child while you're on an excursion to one of Central Florida's many theme parks. Our strollers are comfortable, durable, and highly maneuverable. They also have dual safety harnesses for added security.

Available options: Child Stroller, Dual Child Stroller

Only available for Events and Conventions

Rent a Carry Wagon or Child Stroller