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Drive Duet Transport Wheelchair Walker Rollator

Drive Duet Dual Function Transport Wheelchair Walker Rollator



Drive Four Wheel Rollator Rolling Walker

Four Wheel Rollator Rolling Walker with Fold Up Removable Back Support.



Drive Go-Lite Bariatric Steel Rollator

Drive Go-Lite Bariatric Steel Rollator



Drive Nitro Elite Carbon Fiber Rollator

Drive Nitro Elite Carbon Fiber Rollator



Drive Nitro Aluminum Rollator

Euro Style Rollator Rolling Walker



Drive Heavy Duty Nitro Rollator

Drive Heavy Duty Nitro Rollator, Black



Rollz Motion 2 Rollator Walker-Wheelchair

Rollz Motion 2 Rollator Walker and Transport Wheelchair in one


Rollators for Sale

Rollators are lightweight, versatile walking aids that can be used both indoors and out. These devices, sometimes known as "rollator walkers" or "rolling walkers," contain four wheels, two of which are swivel casters for increased manoeuvrability. This distinguishes them from traditional walkers, which either have no front wheels or have two fixed front wheels.

Rollators are designed to be extremely portable, and the majority of them fold up for convenient storage in the trunk of a car. Rollators, unlike walkers, usually include a padded seat that allows the user to relax and rest while travelling longer distances.

Best Price Mobility carries a variety of rollators, including well-known brands like Stander and Drive Medical. Call 1-833-866-3434 or email [email protected] if you're interested in purchasing a rolling walker or learning more about the models we offer. We are excited to speak with you!

It can be difficult to choose the correct rollator walker for your individual needs. Will you typically use the rollator indoors, outside, or both? Is it necessary for the rollator to have a seat? Do you have a certain manufacturer in mind?

Need help finding the perfect rollator?

Best Price has a decade of industry experience and can help you find the perfect mobility device using our Equipment Finder.

Rollators can be purchased from Best Price Mobility online or by calling 1-833-866-3434. We have models from well-known manufacturers including Stander, Drive Medical, and others!

  1. What is a rollator?

    A rollator is a four-wheeled walking aid that provides additional assistance and movement to users who can still walk.

  2. What is the weight of a rollator?

    A rollator's weight varies depending on its design and construction. A typical rollator walker weighs roughly 20 pounds, while smaller aluminium or carbon fibre rollators can be as light as 12 pounds. A heavy duty rollator, on the other hand, can weigh up to 25 pounds or more

  3. What is the best way to adjust a rollator walker?

    The majority of rollators can be changed without the use of tools. This encompasses anything from the height of the handle to the angle of the back support, among other things. For more information, consult the user manual for your product.

  4. How to tighten the brakes on a rollator walker?

    A rollator's handbrakes weaken and become less effective with time. It's critical to tighten the brakes if this happens so that they don't slip while driving. This can be done by a professional technician or by a layperson using some basic instruments at home. The handbrakes on a rollator walker are tightened in this video.