Scooter/ECV Rentals

All of our scooters and powerchairs are battery powered electric scooters manufactured by Price Mobility. We keep all of our mobility products in outstanding condition! After 6 months of rental service, they are offered for sale at rates discounted up to half off retail price, With a 6 month factory warranty.

If you need a scooter, powerchair or even wheelchair while vacationing in Orlando, Kissimmee have a look at our scooter rentals below and call us to reserve your scooterpowerchair or wheelchair.

Outstanding Customer Service

These days the one thing that separates one company from another that offers the same products is the customer service. As a family owned company where the customer will always be speaking to an owner, the importance of customer service is never forgotten.

With BP Mobility, you will have all your questions answered by a courteous, professional staff member before you take off on your own.

When you rent a scooter with Best Price Mobility, you're guaranteed a low rate, an excellent product, and unexcelled service! Plus, your scooter, powerchair, or wheelchair is yours wherever you go during your rental period, so there's no chance you'll change parks midday and be left stranded!