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SitnStand lift assist devices for sale online. Check out our product selection below!

SitnStand is a manufacturer of rising seat products that allow people with mobility limitations to sit down and stand up more easily. As the worldwide population continues to age, there are a growing number of people dealing with illness, fatigue, and injury. SitnStand’s products provide these people with additional independence by allowing them to sit and stand without needing assistance from a loved one or caregiver.

The idea for SitnStand was inspired by a friend whose mother was having difficulty standing up from the couch. The goal was to provide her with a product that could help her get up and down from the couch in a safe and comfortable manner – and after hundreds of prototypes and thousands of hours of work, SitnStand was born.

The company currently manufactures several different sit to stand chair lifts, including a model that is specifically designed for use with wheelchairs. The product works by using an air pump to inflate a portable rising seat, enabling the user to get the additional support they need to stand up from a seated position.

If you want to learn more about these fantastic rising seats from SitnStand, call our Sales Specialists at 1-844-664-7467 or email [email protected].

Video: How SitnStand Rising Seats Work

  • How much does a SitnStand Lift Seat cost?

    SitnStand products retail for approximately $499.00.

  • Where to purchase a SitnStand Chair Lift?

    You can purchase SitnStand lift assist devices online at or over the phone by calling us toll-free at 1-844-664-7467.

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SitnStand Rising Seat for Wheelchairs

The SitnStand Smart Rising Seat for wheelchairs is a lift seat for wheelchair users that is designed to make it easier for a person to transfer to and from their wheelchair more independently. This simple and safe lift assist is suitable for any kind of wheelchair.