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Best Price Mobility provides the best portable mobility scooters in North America so that you can move around easily and without compromising your comfort as it is our main priority. Lightweight Folding Mobility Scooters are like any normal scooter. The only difference is that these are easier to handle and ride. Also, these transportable motor scooters are Eco and user-friendly. It works on battery and can be used anywhere and at any time. It is comfortable and non-messy. It can be used by people with disability and old age. It is the most convenient way of transport for the aged, injured and disabled. Why having a disability stops you from traveling? Many people fail to travel because of their disability but nowadays many companies provide the best portable and lightweight mobility scooter that can be easily carried when you are traveling it has features like lightweight, foldable, comfortable and easy to move.

Pride Go-Go Elite Traveller 3 Wheel

The Pride Go Go Elite Traveller Plus

The Pride Go Go Elite Traveller Plus is the ultimate in portable, lightweight scooters! It is a compact scooter that still offers stability to ensure confidence in even the first time rider! The Elite Traveller Plus has a comfortable seat with adjustable armrests and adjustable folding tiller with wraparound handles. The Pride Elite Traveller Plus quickly disassembles into 5 lightweight pieces for transport. Due to the portable design, this scooter has a smaller battery pack and is limited to riders up to 325 lbs. This scooter is the best for guests staying at resorts, like Disney World and Universal Studios, who have to transport their scooter in their own vehicle. It comes in both 3 and 4 wheel models.

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If you need a transportable mobility scooter rental in Orlando, Kissimmee or anywhere in the United States book online by clicking the button below or call 1-866-866-3434 to have a transportable scooter rental delivered to your destination.

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We carry a variety of Transportable Scooter brands and models in our store, for example:

The Drive ZoomMe Auto-Flex

The Drive ZoomMe Auto Flex Folding Travel Scooter is fully electronic, which folds and unfolds in 15 seconds or less using a wireless key fob. Its easy-to-adjust tiller places the scooter's controls in the ideal position, and it's aluminum alloy frame is lightweight for superior portability. It features flat-free, non-marking tires for worry-free travel, anti-tip wheels for additional safety, delta tiller for users with limited dexterity, a high-gloss shrouds for a protective finish and an auto-folding seat with padded, adjustable armrests. It is limited to riders up to 300 lbs.