Manual Wheelchair Rentals

Booking Your Wheelchair Rental

Best Price Mobility carries self-propelling and attendant-assisted manual wheelchairs available to hire.

If you need a manual wheelchair while vacationing or on business in Orlando, Kissimmee or anywhere in the United States book online or call 1-866-866-3434 to have a wheelchair rental delivered to your destination. See more details about our wheelchairs below. We also sell Wheelchairs across the United States.

Transport Chair

Transport wheelchairs, also known as Transit Chairs, are lightweight and portable. These chairs cannot be self-propelled and instead need to be pushed by a companion or attendant.

Weight Capacity: 250 lbs (varies by location)

Accessories Available: Gel CushionElevating LegrestsCanopy, and Cupholder

Additional Information: Transport Wheelchair Guide

Standard Wheelchair

Standard wheelchairs are simple, reliable, and versatile. They are lightweight and collapse for easy storage and transport. This type of chair is designed to be propelled by the user or pushed from behind by a carer. It has large rear wheels complete with hand grip rims.

Weight Capacity: 350 lbs (varies by location)

Accessories Available: Gel Cushion, Elevating LegrestsCanopy, and Cupholder

HD Wheelchair

Bariatric Heavy-Duty wheelchairs have many of the same features as standard wheelchairs but can handle heigher weight capacities. This chair is designed to be either self-propelled or pushed.

Weight Capacity: 400 lbs (varies by location)

Accessories Available: Gel CushionElevating LegrestsCanopy, and Cupholder

Rent a Wheelchair Online

If you didn't know Best Price Mobility also delivers wheelchair rentals to Themeparks (such as Disney World, Disney Land, Universal Studios, Busch Gardens) and Convention Centres