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Rollz Motion 2 Rollator Walker-Wheelchair

Rollz Motion 2 Rollator Walker and Transport Wheelchair in one


Rollz Motion Performance All Terrain Rollator Walker - Wheelchair

Rollz Motion Performance all-terrain rollator walker and transport wheelchair combo with air tires


Drive Nitro Aluminum Rollator

Euro Style Rollator Rolling Walker



Drive Nitro Elite Carbon Fiber Rollator

Drive Nitro Elite Carbon Fiber Rollator



Drive Heavy Duty Nitro Rollator

Drive Heavy Duty Nitro Rollator, Black



Drive Dual Pad Steerable Knee Walker with Basket

Drive Dual Pad Steerable Knee Walker with Basket



Drive Duet Transport Wheelchair Walker Rollator

Drive Duet Dual Function Transport Wheelchair Walker Rollator



Drive Four Wheel Rollator Rolling Walker

Four Wheel Rollator Rolling Walker with Fold Up Removable Back Support.



Drive Go-Lite Bariatric Steel Rollator

Drive Go-Lite Bariatric Steel Rollator



Walking Aids - Rollators And Walkers

Rollators and Walkers are an excellent choice for people that can walk but may need help with balance and support. Rollators and walkers are designed to help the user move around without assistance, making them a great option for use around the house or for longer excursions outdoors. From standard walkers to more complex rollators, Best Price Mobility provides the best selection and pricing in the industry.

Selecting A Walking Aid

Whether you are replacing an existing walking aid or shopping for your walking aid, Best Price Mobility has the selection and expertise to make sure you get the rollator or walker that is right for you. We understand the choices available in walking aids can be overwhelming. By understanding the features and specifications that the different models offer, you can know which walking aid will best meet your needs. If you need help to narrow the results use the equipment finder or filters.

Here is a brief overview of the different types of walking aids that are available. For recommendations please use our online chat service or call our team on talkdesk1-833-866-3434.

Walking Aid Types

There are three main types of walking aids: Standing Walkers, Knee Walkers and Rollator Walkers.

Standing Walkers - These are the no-frills models. Standing Walkers models fold, making them easy to get in and out of the car or store away in a closet.  A standard folding walker without wheels is a simple, lightweight device. A user must have enough arm strength to pick up the walker and move it forward one step at a time. Most therapists consider a standard walker the most stable solution for those needing a little extra help.

Two-wheel walkers, which provider easier mobility, are also available for use by a person who doesn’t need quite as much support but is not stable enough to use a four-wheel rollator.

Both types of walkers can be adjusted to accommodate various user heights and are available in both folding and non-folding options.

Rollator Walkers - These offer the greatest range of mobility and have front swivel wheels that help with turning. They are equipped with handbrakes that allow a patient to stop the rollator when needed. Most rollators also feature a padded seat and backrest to use when resting as well as a basket or pouch for carrying personal items.

Knee Walkers - Also known as knee scooter, orthopaedic scooter, knee cruiser, knee coaster, knee caddy, or leg walker. Knee Walkers are a medical mobility device that provide a safer, more comfortable, and easier-to-maneuver alternative to crutches for those recovering from foot or lower leg injury or surgery which requires the foot and/or leg to be non-weight bearing during recovery. Knee Walkers are designed for weight-bearing relief for those who have injuries that include: fractures, diabetic wounds/ulcers, torn Achilles’ tendon, sprained ankles, or surgery to the foot/ankle. They can also be used for partial or complete amputations of the foot while waiting for the wound to heal and fitting of a prosthesis.